Apple obtains a unique patent for use in the iPhone


Apple offers iPhone phones with a standard of protection from dust and water, but it is certainly limited and not absolute, so users have difficulty using their phones outside the house during intense rain.

According to a report published by PhoneArena, a new patent has been spotted in favor of Apple in the US Patent and Trademark Office platform under the name “Modifying the functions of the electronic device to work during exposure to water”, which can facilitate the use of the iPhone in heavy rain.

Apple aims to make it easier to use the phone in the rain or while there is water on the screen, and not only that, but the patent documents indicate the possibility of handling the screen easily and writing on it with the presence of water or wet fingers.

It is also possible that Apple plans to release a phone that will be used extensively underwater or at greater depths.

Apple patent

The report indicated that the patent comes to use a unique technology to distinguish body temperature and pressure on the screen without considering unintended commands from the water, and thus the iPhone can be used under water or with drops smoothly.

On-screen controls can change accordingly as the buttons increase in size while moving away from other buttons to improve the accuracy of pressing them and receiving tactile commands when the screen is wet.

Thus, Apple could return to the manufacture of its phone screens before capacitive touch technologies, and most likely the new technology will combine them with pressure-sensing technology previously known as Force Touch and 3D Touch that is no longer used.

Meaning that to prevent raindrops or liquid from accidentally stopping touch commands, the user will have to press their fingers more firmly on the screen to turn on the force-sensitive dynamic mode.

The report did not address potential dates for the company to start using the new patent or the first iPhone that will actually arrive, but given that it is registered at the moment, the company may need a year or two to start relying on it and reaching the user.

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