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Soon you will be able to hide the status of appearing in WhatsApp, in addition to another feature that you will want to have!


The WhatsApp application continues to add new features extensively in the recent period, with the aim of withstanding the fierce competition with competing applications such as Telegram . Only modified versions of WhatsApp, which is the ability to hide the status of appearing in WhatsApp from everyone.

This was followed by another feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for over the years. How many times have we wished that we could hide the status of appearing in WhatsApp and that our friends and those we care about would not see that we are “online” or online now, forcing us to respond to their messages even if we were not ready So. Or maybe all we wish is that we can use the app quietly without being disturbed or distracted by those who monitor our status, and it makes no sense to be able to hide your reading of messages, or your last seen without the ability to control that status.

Where WABetainfo revealed that Meta is now developing this feature on beta versions of WhatsApp on Android, iOS and PC platforms, and we were able to see how it works on iOS already via a published screenshot, where we noticed that the “Last Seen” option was renamed. – Last seen” under privacy settings to “Last seen & Online” and as you expected, when entering this section, you will find separate settings to control each of them; But there will be a slight limitation to the new appearance status, as you will only be in control of two choices, either make it available for everyone to see, or follow the same settings as the last seen.

You’ll be able to decide who can see your status when you’re online now, via the last seen settings thanks to the addition of two new options: ‘everyone’ and ‘same as last seen’. For example, if you choose “My Contacts” for your last seen settings, and “Same as your last seen settings” for your status, other contacts won’t be able to see you when you’re online.

– Explanation of how the feature works via the WABetainfo post

Hide your status on WhatsApp

You will also be able to edit messages soon via WhatsApp

If you do not care about the status of your appearance through the WhatsApp application, you may be interested in this other feature coming to the famous Meta application, as reports indicate that another feature is also being worked on that will allow the ability to modify text messages after sending them, and it is the first appearance of this feature on Meta products, And a choice that has always distinguished competing applications from WhatsApp.

As with the feature to hide the appearance status, we saw a screenshot showing the mechanism of modifying messages on WhatsApp, and we noticed that it may be a bit primitive and lacks many improvements in terms of the user interface, where you will need to press and hold on the message you want to modify, then go to the options , and choosing “Edit”, you will not see any interface dedicated to this, but the text will be returned back to the bottom writing bar, allowing you to edit and send again.

Do you know?

It was planned to add the text editing feature in WhatsApp five years ago, but it was temporarily disabled, and now it has been reworked again.

We don’t know yet if there will be a window to view the change history, or a certain grace period for editing messages, but we think we won’t wait long for the feature to reach everyone anyway.

Editing of text messages in WhatsApp

Other improvements coming to Interactions

The interactions feature was introduced in the past months, but it was limited to only 6 interactions that cannot be escaped, unlike Messenger and Instagram, which allow you to choose any emoji and use it as an interaction, but it is clear that this matter will be modified soon, as it is working to allow the addition of any An emoji in the WhatsApp interactions list.

Improvements to WhatsApp interactions

Will WhatsApp gradually become WhatsApp Plus?

“If you can’t kill them, join them”, we believe that this is the philosophy of the development team in WhatsApp in the recent period, there is no doubt that modified versions of the application have always caused inconvenience to Meta, and a problem that it was only able to overcome by banning users who are convicted of using those Copies, but not anymore, so what’s the point of using anonymous mods if you can get the same features from the official app version? With competition with other chat apps intensifying, we think this is the perfect time for the green chat app to look at the copy sheet and start adding it to its favour.

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