Launching the TechLife Watch R100 from Realme at a great price and with great specifications


Realme announced its new TechLife Watch S100 watch, as it appeared with suitable capabilities, an ideal price, a beautiful and elegant shape, and a wonderful design, as it will be available in black and silver colors, and contains a 260 mAh battery that guarantees continuous charging to at least five days for continuous operation, but the most important Specifications The watch is an economical smart watch category.

TechLife Watch R100 Specifications

  • Available with black and silver colors.
  • It has a battery with a capacity of 260 mAh.
  • Running Proprietary OS
  • Supports a bulb that recognizes the person on the arrival of notifications
  • Supports heart rate measurement feature.
  • Supports SPO2 measurement technology.
  • Supports thermometer feature to measure body temperature.

Screen, dimensions and other features

It has an IPS LCD screen, with a screen size of 1.69 inches, a resolution of 240 x 28 pixels, a brightness of 530 inches, a screen density of 218 pixels per inch, and a light weight of only 34 grams, and it is available with dimensions: 11.6 x 25.1 x 35.8 mm, made from abroad It is made of plastic, the outer frame is also plastic, and the face is made of glass.

Knowing that the new Realme watch is resistant to water and dust, up to a depth of 1.5 meters, has IP68 certification, supports Bluetooth A2DP, LE 5.1 ​​version, and its global price is only $ 52, equivalent to 1000 Egyptian pounds, and 195 Saudi riyals.

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