Apple’s mixed reality helmet will work with the new M2 processor


Apple plans to supply an AR/VR mixed reality helmet expected to be launched during the first quarter of next year 2023 with its new Apple M2 processor that it announced earlier in June 2022 during its annual WWDC22 developer conference , according to a new report from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman and one of the The most reliable source regarding Apple news, which also says that the Apple Mixed Reality helmet that will provide the user with augmented reality experiences AR and virtual reality AR will carry a large RAM with a capacity of 16 GB.

The new Bloomberg report contradicts the expectations of Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most prominent analysts specializing in tracking the supply chains for Apple devices, as he said that the mixed reality helmet from Apple will work with the M1 processor, and he also said that it will come equipped with an additional auxiliary processor to process the data collected by the sensors built into the helmet, and it was A previous report published by The Information earlier this year 2022 confirmed that Apple’s mixed reality helmet will come equipped with more than one processor, and according to reports, Apple may provide the helmet or its first virtual reality and AR/VR devices with more than one processor in different versions.

Concept design for a mixed reality helmet from Apple

Apple had announced the new generation of its Apple M2 processors during the keynote at its WWDC22 developer conference, which is the processor that promised to provide up to 18% faster performance compared to the first generation M1, and is also available with a deca-core integrated graphics processor, which it says provides Better performance in video editing and photo editing, and Apple claims that the new M2 processor can provide 90% of the performance of the most powerful competitor processor with 12 cores, but with consumption of only a quarter of the power.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the work on the AR/VR headset, when he asked interviewees at China Daily to stay updated to see what the company would offer in the mixed reality space, as previously reported that Apple’s board of directors got a chance to try The helmet was announced earlier in May 2022, and the name of the operating system for the glasses also appeared previously in an application to register a trademark, which is the system that is expected to bear the name RealityOS.

Although Apple focused more on AR augmented reality, according to Tim Cook, CEO of the company years ago, the mixed reality helmet in the first stage will provide an immersive experience much better than current VR products, with expectations that the helmet will integrate with various Apple applications such as  Apple TV Plus  and  Apple Arcade gaming service . 

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