Famous Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade dies at the age of 23 


The father of the famous American YouTuber Technoblade published a new video carrying his last words to millions of followers of the channel, which has more than 10 million followers from different countries around the world, and through the interface of the game MineCraft that Techno Blade was famous for playing, he told the followers that watching this video means his death. And the famous YouTuber, who always chose to remain anonymous, said 6 months ago that he suffers from cancer.

Technoblade thanked the subscribers of his YouTube channel of the same name, saying: “Thank you everyone for supporting the content I have provided over the past years,” and added, “If I had a hundred more lives, I think I would have chosen to be a Technoblade again in each of them, The years since the establishment of the channel have been the happiest in my life.”

The Technoblade family has asked to continue to respect his desire to preserve his privacy

In his latest video, Technoblade also apologized for selling a lot of products on his channel over the past year, but said that as a result his siblings will be able to go to college, adding: “If they want to, I don’t want to put any pressure from deceased peers on them.”

The father of the famous YouTuber Techno Blade sadly spoke about the last hours of his son, who confirmed that his real name was Alex for the first time, and said that he was suffering greatly, but insisted that he write his last words to subscribers despite his suffering, adding that he certainly could not write everything he wanted, as he died hours later. are numbered.

The family of the late YouTuber Technoblade published a statement at the end of his last video, in which she said that they wanted the followers to know how much he liked and respected them, and indicated that since its inception, he was keen to reward his fans and try to make them happy, by giving prizes and others, through sharing channels His adventures while playing Minecraft, they also said that throughout his life he avoided personal fame and worked hard to keep his true identity secret, and that they ask followers to continue to respect his desire to protect his privacy and that of his family.

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