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For these reasons, you should stop using modified versions of WhatsApp now.. Trojans with different colors!


One day, while you were talking to your friend through the WhatsApp application, you noticed that he does not show you when he is writing, and you cannot see that he is “online” even though he is sending you text messages at the same moment, and then you remember that message that you sent to him via The error was deleted and immediately deleted, but he managed to somehow read it and respond to it, so you know that this friend of yours is either a hacker, or he is using one of the modified versions of WhatsApp.

And with the spread of the Meta chat application among all users around the world, even after a large number of it was alienated in protest against the new WhatsApp privacy policy. WhatsApp still dominates the largest percentage of users with a total of 2 billion monthly active users, which is logical due to its simplicity of use and its presence since the inception of smartphones.

But despite the fact that WhatsApp is constantly updated with new features that make WhatsApp easier to use, with new capabilities and options that were not possible through the application previously, it remains unsatisfactory for a large percentage of users, especially in our Arab world, where the WhatsApp application remains The official version is limited and needs more other additions, especially when compared to competing applications.

In an uncalculated move, many users of the application resort to downloading modified versions in order to take advantage of the additional required features that the official WhatsApp application lacks. We see the golden, silver, and metallic WhatsApp applications, all metals and all colors, but the question remains, is it safe to download modified versions of WhatsApp? The short answer is no, and below we will review compelling reasons for you to stop using the modified WhatsApp applications immediately and to be satisfied with the official version offered exclusively by the company.

What are the modified versions of WhatsApp?

The modified WhatsApp application is an unofficial application that attracts users by adding many features that are not present in the official version. It is actually a modified version that was built based on the WhatsApp application owned by Meta itself, and was developed and published by independent developers, taking care to design it to resemble the original version in all respects and within the official “Whatsapp framework”, in addition to providing more features, and modifications to the interface.

Recently, many modified versions of WhatsApp appeared under many names, including WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Plus …. and other versions bearing the name of its owner, such as WhatsApp Omar, WhatsApp Fouad … and many other modified applications, all of these copies And others are originally based on the original WhatsApp application with the addition of many modifications, additions and tempting features that the original version of the application lacks and which encourages the user to move to it.

Features offered by WhatsApp mods

When you try any of the modified versions of WhatsApp, you will get customizable interfaces with the ability to change the appearance of the application, change the icon and notifications, in addition to the automatic reply function to respond to new messages automatically, as well as send messages to a large group of people at once, send files and large images and send Large number of photos at one time, font adjustment, hide appearance, delete sent messages or read messages that the sender has deleted, many options for privacy and many other features that cannot be listed here. The deal might sound great, but you’ll probably pay for these features with your personal data, files, and all your phone stuff!

Why you should stop using modified WhatsApp apps

Have you ever wondered, why you can’t download modded apps like WhatsApp Plus, YouTube Fansed, Instagram Plus… from the official Google Play Store? Why does Google prevent the presence of this type of application on its store? Downloading apps and games from the Google Play Store is a safe and easy process, all the apps there have passed many security checks and different levels of terms and requirements imposed by Google (or Apple in the case of iPhones and the App Store).

Also, when you download any application from the Google Play Store, there are additional security measures that the Android system does, the system performs a comprehensive scan of the application on your device before opening it. The scan helps make sure that there are no malicious applications or worms.

Mostly, modified WhatsApp applications will not be able to bypass these security stages, which makes programmers resort to publishing them on the Internet in the form of apk files that can be downloaded from external sources instead of secure official stores, and downloading modified WhatsApp applications does not require any level of security permissions that are not approved A one-time user installs external applications by activating the “Unknown sources” option within the protection settings.

Download from unknown sources

The fact that the modified WhatsApp applications cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store makes us question it, as we do not know the data of the developer responsible for those copies, and the source code is not disclosed as well, but only applications that are downloaded via anonymous links without any data, even primitive. The user has the right to know it before downloading.

Modified WhatsApp apps are a Trojan horse

Most of the WhatsApp mods come with malware that targets your phone with the intent of committing fraud or spying. Recently, for example, some specialists discovered that the FMWhatsApp application contains a Trojan that infects devices with a secret code that can read SMS, open ads and activate subscriptions without notifying the user, and conversations between users are not encrypted when using this modified WhatsApp application, which means that your messages are not They are protected by the same security measures you normally get with the official WhatsApp app. Thus, your data can easily be collected and sold on the black market.

You may end up saying goodbye to your WhatsApp account

You are not only risking your privacy when installing mods of WhatsApp, but you also risk your account on the entire application as it can be officially banned by the company. Meta company itself is not satisfied with these applications and tries to fight them in many ways, such as banning the numbers of users who use modified versions of WhatsApp forever!

A number that is banned from using WhatsApp

You will be subject to in- and out-of-app ads

Finally, besides all these drawbacks, WhatsApp mods can be annoying if they contain ads. Many modified versions of the app sometimes display banner ads at the bottom of the app, and can also display full-screen ads outside the app, making the user even unaware of the app causing this kind of ads, and end up doing a factory reset and completely deleting its data.

Modified WhatsApp alternatives

Simply put, it can be said that the modified WhatsApp applications are not safe to use. Despite the tempting customizations and options these mods offer, it’s not worth risking your privacy, account, and phone number for it. In the event that you are a geek to try more features, we suggest that you use third-party applications besides the WhatsApp application, and these are our choices for the most prominent of these helpful applications:

AutoResponder App

AutoResponder - Alternatives to WhatsApp Mods
  • Price: Free with a paid subscription.
  • Developer: AutoResponder.ai.
  • Size: 9.5 MB.
  • Number of downloads: more than a million downloads.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 – 62,597 total reviews.
  • Download link: AutoResponder app

This application will allow you to automatically reply to messages that you receive via WhatsApp – which is one of the characteristics offered by the modified versions of WhatsApp -, by creating clear rules and conditions, for example, you can tell the application that if you receive a message containing “How is it” then the automatic reply to it is “okay, and you?”. The application also supports WhatsApp Business.

SKEDit App

SKEDit - WhatsApp Modified Alternatives
  • Price: Free with a paid subscription.
  • Developer: KVENTURES.
  • Size: 57.58 MB.
  • Number of downloads: more than a million downloads.
  • Rating: 3.7/5 – 12,202 total ratings.
  • Download link: SKEDit App

This application allows you to schedule messages and statuses to be sent at certain times, you can choose the names you want to schedule messages to, and the application also supports other services such as SMS and Telegram.

WAMR . app

WAMR App - Alternatives to WhatsApp Mods
  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: drilens.
  • Size: 15 MB.
  • Number of downloads: more than 50 million downloads.
  • Rating: 4.6/5 – a total of 806,000 reviews.
  • Download link: WAMR app

Perhaps the most enticing feature of using WhatsApp mods is the ability to recover deleted messages, but did you know that you can only restore those messages using a free third-party application without having to replace the official WhatsApp version? This is exactly what WAMR does, as it allows recovering deleted messages, files, and photos as well as being able to download WhatsApp statuses.

Sticker maker app

Sticker maker - alternatives to modified versions of WhatsApp
  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Viko & Co.
  • Size: 105 MB.
  • Number of downloads: more than 100 million downloads.
  • Rating: 4.6/5 – a total of 1.42 million reviews.
  • Sticker maker app download link

This application allows you to create your own stickers, with professional cutting methods that allow you to separate objects from the background with high accuracy, the application also has a library that allows users to share their packages, with support for animated stickers (GIF).


The use of modified versions of WhatsApp is not limited to stealing and hacking your conversations – which is a sufficient reason to stop using them – but it may also reach the infringement of your entire phone data and collect as much of it as possible, and your use of that modified version may completely block your number from using the service WhatsApp, is it all worth it?

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